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© Jens Lindhe
© Jens Lindhe
© Jakob Schoof
Copenhagen is known as Europe’s green metropolis for good reason. Aside from the waterways, the centre is characterised above all by its many parks. At 52 hectares, Fælledparken is the largest historic city park in Copenhagen. The Woven Bridge designed by MLRP Architekten has created an elegant east-west connection that has not only been carefully ­inserted in the teeming landscape, but also proclaims an identity all its own. The highly frequented park, which is host to a wide ­variety of political, societal and sports events in summer, is cut in two by the small lake called, ­aptly, Fælledsee. The bridge now dynamically joins the two banks of the lake, which are at different elevations, with a slender arched structure. The people jogging, bicycling and walking through the park can now enjoy vistas through the ­foliage, which is protected as a nature conservancy. Because the concrete foundations are concealed behind the steel skirts, the bridge makes a lofty, graceful impression. For the walking surface the architects selected planks of light-toned spruce and specified that they undergo an acetylation procedure. This process significantly reduces the wood’s shrinking and swelling behaviour and ensures that the planks will be structurally sound for fifty years or longer. This material is furthermore a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods and a good match for the steel structure, which is galvanised and lacquered dark-grey.