TRU Architekten
Project architect
Karsten Ruf
Site management
Lingens Baumanagement
Landscape architecture
Ziegler Grünkonzepte
Structural engineering
ahw Ingenieure
Building services engineering
Schauz Ingenieurbüro für Haustechnik
Building physics
bsp Ingenieurgesellschaft
Fire safety engineering
Görtzen Stolbrink & Partner
Jacobs Wohnbau
Betonwerk Rieder
© Werner Huthmacher
© Werner Huthmacher
© Werner Huthmacher
© Werner Huthmacher
© Werner Huthmacher

For decades, the courtyard of a block in the urban centre of Düsseldorf was occupied by low sheds. They were replaced by a new, four storey structure with twelve affordable rental housing units, expanding across the entire width of the lot. The architects placed the building in the middle of the property, creating two green backyards. The first one contributes to the quality of the apartments of the existing block border and is delineated by the northern facade of the new building.