Craft as a Source of Energy

© Laurenz Feinig
© Gerald von Foris
© Julien Lanoo
© Studio Anna Heringer
© Gabrijela Obert
© Studio Anna Heringer
You prefer working with clay and regionally sourced, natural building materials, and involving the local community in the development and construction process. In your work as an architect, cultural values, materials, and the local economy are therefore closely entwined. That’s right. As a 19-year-old, I had the luck to work for a development organization in Bangladesh. There I learned that the most effective strategy for resilience is to find out what resources are available on site and how to make the most of them. This concerns not only locally available materials such as clay, wood, bamboo, or straw but also local energy resources. For me, craft is the most important source of energy. It is a basic human need to be needed and to do good and meaningful work. Construction
is meaningful work.