»Hakasui« – white water – is the name of a daycare centre located on a sloped site in Sakura in the east of Tokyo. This already reveals the first idea the concept is based on: water, light, air and the surrounding vegetation are supposed to be perceived and experienced by the 60 small users who are zero to five years of age.

The design is oriented on a further, second idea. According to the architect’s words, »we intended to create a great home for all. It is not supposed to contain spaces separated strictly according to age, but rather aimed at fostering social interaction.« The client, a local welfare organization, also operates a neighbouring senior care facility and hopes for inspiration through communication between the generations.

The daycare centre is clearly structured: the northern part of the building has a closed appearance and includes spaces for personnel, kitchen, and the nursery for the youngest ­users. A gallery serves as »observation post« for parents and teachers and provides access to the roof terrace.