Guesthouse Rosana in Rosenheim

Anna Heringer & Martin Rauch
Martin Schaub
Landscape architecture
Grünwerk Karl
Structural engineering
Helmut Fischer
Timber construction
Zimmerei Maicher
© Gabrical
© Gabrical
© Gabrical
© Gabrical
Timber, clay and wickerwork: The small guesthouse in the forest bordering the Mangfall river was built with natural materials. The expansion to an existing Ayurveda retreat centre follows the facility's holistic therapeutic concept: The building is intended to be as healthy as possible for humans and the environment. Aligning with this approach, Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch drastically reduced the use of concrete, steel and adhesively bonded materials within their design. The free-standing building houses five guestrooms and one apartment for staff members. The garage features an additional parking space required by code, yet doubles as a room for yoga courses.