Islamic Religious and Cultural Centre in Ljubljana

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Building Services
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Floor Coverings
Arcadia Svetila
© David Schreyer
© David Schreyer
© David Schreyer
© David Schreyer
© David Schreyer
© David Schreyer
© David Schreyer
The Islamic Religious and Cultural Centre IRCC is located on a site near the Ljubljana railway station in a former industrial district. Its three to four storey buildings comprise apartments, administration offices and a school with library that separate a courtyard from the train tracks. Instead of forming an enclosed block border, these functions are arranged in free-standing building volumes. Their placement permits views of the 32 × 32 m wide and 24 m tall mosque structure. This is Slovenia’s first mosque. The functional program is distributed across building volumes with archetypal appeal and clad in homogeneous building envelopes. The exclusive use of the colour white provides the ensemble with an abstract appearance and a contemplative atmosphere. The closed lateral sides of the auxiliary buildings and the two-storey plinth of the mosque consist of white concrete.