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Meditation Pavilions near Kilsheelan

Architects Bates Maher
Interior Design
B & E Furniture Manufacturers Ltd.
Climate Technology (Heating / Air Conditioning / Ventilation)
M+W Zander AG
Stübinger Haustechnik GmbH
© Ros Kavanagh
© Ros Kavanagh
© Ros Kavanagh
Glen Lodge was erected in 1820 as part of a neo-Gothic estate near Kilsheelan in Ireland. In 1960, the Rosminians acquired the property to create an educational centre and a retreat for future monks and priests. With the four new pavilions for meditation, the order offers accommodation for roughly 30 guests. Built on a grassy hillside, the pavilions extend from the River Suir up to the edge of the woods at the northern end of the site. Almost identical in form, the individual structures are oriented in different directions to achieve the best possible view and daylighting. The large entrance door opens to create a sheltered terrace. From there, the internal space spirals about the glazed central atrium. When the shutters are closed, the interior becomes an introverted space for meditation. When the windows and doors are open, the retreat is transformed into a brightly lit pavilion. The boarded external cladding in local timber establishes a link with the surrounding woods. In contrast, the plain white interior is designed essentially for contemplative purposes.