For the extension to a circuit board factory the architects proposed an open timber construction. Located near a large military base, the multifunctional structure stands in a heterogeneous neighbourhood whose character is shaped by small factories and houses, both of which are essentially building types with an introverted character. As they wanted their building to offer a contrast, the architects endeavoured to make it both inviting and open, an aim also suggested by the variety of different functions it houses.

On the one hand it is a social space for the factory workers, is used for exhibitions, and meetings are also held there. On the other hand the community can use the upper floor for a range of very different functions. This made it essential to be able to divide the space flexibly, a requirement the architects then took to extremes. All the wooden internal walls can be slid aside to create a large contin­uous space. It can open up to the city outside, as all the glass facade elements and the external metal shutters can also slide open.