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This museum for 21st-century art stands in the centre of Kanazawa on the west coast of the island of Honshu. Situated in a small park, the low, circular, pavilion-like structure with a diameter of 112.5m is accessible from all sides. To attract visitors and to integrate the complex into the urban environment, the public facilities, such as the restaurant, library, lecture hall, theatre and children’s studio, are laid out along the glazed outer facade. The various exhibition galleries are located in the centre, surrounded by circulation zones and interwoven with courtyards. Visitors can wander freely through this labyrinth, which resembles a miniature city. The galleries were designed with different proportions and light conditions. They range in height from 4 to 12m and in area from 18 to 324m2. Some spaces are illuminated by roof lights, others are artificially lighted. Four fully glazed atria together with large glazed areas along the corridors allow ample daylight to enter the interior.