Office and Apartment Block in Aarau

Burkard Meyer Architekten
Konstruktive Innen- und Außenwände
Erne AG Bauunternehmung
Ernst Schweizer AG
Glas Trösch Euroholding AG & Co. KG aA
Griesser AG
Aschwanden AG
Husner AG Holzbau
Bad und Sanitär
Axima AG
Waldhauser + Hermann AG
Klimatechnik (Heizung/ Klima/ Lüftung)
Dunbar Mechanical Inc.
© Roger Frei
© Roger Frei
© Roger Frei
This new six-storey building for a Swiss media group stands in a prominent location on the street between the railway station and the old town centre. Although large, it blends surprisingly well with the heterogeneous surroundings, thanks to its glass facade. A passageway leading right through the building at ground level forms a new pedestrian link, identified on the east side by a widening out of the building and on the west by a full-height recess. Other openings in the volume are two internal courtyards which provide light for the inward-facing rooms. The mix of residential, office and retail space is in line with its urban setting.