Open-Air Museum Molfsee near Kiel

ppp Architekten
Site management
Ulrich Böttcher
Structural Engineer
Horn + Horn
Bathroom and Plumbing
Planungsgruppe KMO
Building Physics
KAplus – Ingenieurbüro Vollert
Fire Safety
ppp Architekten
Bruun & Möllers
Coating Timber
Holzbau Amann
© Stephan Baumann
© Stephan Baumann
© Stephan Baumann
© Stephan Baumann
The open-air museum Molfsee south of Kiel features 60 historic farmhouses, cottages and barns dating from the 16th to 20th century that had been transported from their original site to this extensive plot of land. For the new exhibition and entrance building, which also redefines the way visitors enter the complex, a competition was held and a winner awarded, ppp Architekten + Stadtplaner. Their design recalls the familiar volumes of traditional
farmhouses, while reinterpreting them according to an abstract language of forms. In order to fit the new building into the existing museum landscape in terms of scale, the majority of interiors is situated below ground.