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“Plus-Energy” Housing and Service Centre in Freiburg

Rolf Disch
Constructive Interior and Exterior Walls
Karl Wacker GmbH & Co. KG
Finnforest Merk Gmbh
Lais Holzbau
Building Services
EGT Elektrotechnik GmbH
RWE Schott
Climate Technology (Heating / Air Conditioning / Ventilation)
Window Master A/S
© Mirjam Thomann
© Mirjam Thomann
© Mirjam Thomann
© Ramesh Amruth
© Georg Nemec
This 125-metre-long development, with a six-storey block at the northern end, forms a gateway to a “solar estate”, which it screens from the main road. The three-storey concrete plinth structure houses shopping facilities and offices. Set on top of the flat roof are four three-storey elements in timber-frame construction, containing nine dwellings with north-facing terraces. The roof gardens are accessible from the offices via two staircase/lift towers and are shielded from wind and noise by a three-metre-high glass wall to the west. The photovoltaic installations integrated in a plane above the single-pitched roofs to the housing are a key aspect of the energy concept and are also a design element.