This atmosphere of this pre-school in western Austria is marked by rough-sawn fir and crisp exposed concrete surfaces. A skylight above the central hall admits ample daylight, and large windows provide views out to the landscape. Nothing detracts from the »cut« of the rooms: spotlights are positioned flush with the concrete ceiling, fluorescent tubes between the suspended wood louvers. The indirect light produced by ribbon lighting behind the lockers accentuates the walls.

The square floor plan of the two-storey cube possesses simple geometry. Two spaces cut out of the cube create a sheltered entrance on the northern corner and a loggia facing the garden. Some of the window elements are flush with the inner wall surfaces, others are set back slightly from the facade; this creates a subtle bas relief in the facade. The outer skin consists of vertical, rough-sawn boards of locally sourced pine; because these trees are small, the facade was divided horizontally. The facade’s structure employs prefabricated wood elements, while the interior consists of load-bearing concrete walls and ceilings.