Ullastret, a community of some 300 inhabitants in northern Catalonia, has managed to preserve its original, village-like character to the present day. In the historical centre, the roads are lined with one- and two-storey stone houses that are largely unrendered. In the outlying areas, few new structures have been added over the past decades. 

The present site on the Carrer Notaria, hitherto enclosed within high walls and defined as agricultural land, had remained undeveloped. When the plot was acquired by a new owner who wished to erect a weekend home for his family and himself there, the road needed to be widened and the wall, therefore, demolished. Harquitectes, however, decided to retain it as a formative element typical of the location and as the spine of their new development. Along the inner face, they set four building volumes beneath a flat roof that reflects the contours of the land with slight changes in level.